The 15 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur about to launch a startup, then you know how important every cent can be. While executing your core competency will be a crucial factor to the success of your business, another important step is effectively marketing your business. Below are 15 of the best digital marketing tools that can help you get your marketing initiatives going from scratch.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most recognized free digital marketing tool and the backbone of any marketing campaign as it can provide you with the metrics and information that you need. This tool includes several analytical features and tracking codes that can record everything from the moment you go live.

2. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb allows you to discover what your competitors are doing right, what they’re doing wrong, and what you can do about it to improve your business. With SimilarWeb you will learn to love your competitors.

It’s like a Google Analytics login to your competitors’ website. Their insights help businesses, publishers, marketers and analysts benchmark performance against competitors, find new ways to increase their web traffic, and discover new opportunities to broaden their audience.

This tool is also a great way of checking your website’s ranking but you can also use it for knowing about how your competitor is gaining most of it’s audience.

3. Spyfu

A free tool to keep a check on your competitor’s activities like their PPC & SEO strategies. Moreover, you can also know the keywords that competitor websites rank for.

SpyFu goes far beyond just keyword or domain statistics. Use the full set of SpyFu resources to layer your research with richer insights.

Moving in and out of SpyFu’s keyword tools like Keyword SmartSearch and Ad History lets you build on your findings and gut-check your decisions.  After you discover a compelling keyword, we’ll help you find out what other advertisers ran into after they tried it. Or, take the top advertisers on a keyword from Domain Ad History and discover the rest of their shared terms in Kombat.

4. SumoMe

The SumoMe suite is all about generating a larger audience for your business. With this program, you can:

  1. Get more customers on your mailing list
  2. Create more effective share buttons
  3. Track your traffic through heat maps

You’ll also have access to simplified image-sharing tools and the platform’s Welcome Mat, which is a tool that will help you create full-screen calls-to-action with clean imagery.

5. Sitechecker

Wouldn’t SEO be easy if you knew what was stopping you from getting tidal waves of traffic coming from search engines?

Getting organic traffic can be easy thanks to a free tool called SiteChecker.Pro. All you do is enter your website URL and a free, comprehensive report gets generated. The report tells you your SEO errors and how to fix them. Take the suggestions and more organic traffic is yours. Furthermore, Site Checker is a free tool.

6. Hotjar

If you are curious about analyzing the performance of your website, then Hotjar is for you. This tool will let you know everything about the activities of your visitors, cursor movements and their navigation style on various pages. It also includes a conversion funnel that will inform you where the majority of visitors left your website.

7. SurveyMonkey

This is one of the most popular free online survey tools. Surveys are a good way to collect consumer information, engage customers, uncover trends and secure tangible insights on your business.

SurveyMonkey’s software is incredibly simple. In just a few minutes, you can design, create and publish your own business survey. Additionally, you’ll be able to analyze the results in the backend.

8. GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl is an easy-to-use set of engagement tools for your WordPress website. Online surveys, live chats, contact forms, email lead forms, promo messages, follow and share social media tools — all managed from a single dashboard.

9. Canva

The coolest and the simplest tool for great visual marketing strategy. Canva provides many features for designing like infographics, logos, book covers, etc. The best part of Canva is that it’s free and really very easy to use, you don’t need any prior knowledge of designing at all.

Whether you use your Canva-created designs online or off, you’ll be able to create a large variety of engaging content that will attract your targeted prospects; and isn’t that what marketing is all about?

10. Content Idea Generator

A tool that will help you when you are in no mood of thinking about a new content topic. A simple tool that will allow you to find different ideas for your next post. Just answer some questions and it will automatically generate ideas accordingly.

11. WriteWell

WriteWell is an exciting writing tool to help jumpstart your content marketing projects, blogs, e-books, articles etc. This tool allows you to organize your document visually in chunks, manage your research and writing on one screen, and jump-start your writing with 40+ outlines and templates.

12. Buffer

This social media management tool will help you streamline your social posting efforts and increase your followers; engage your audience, and build your brand.

The benefit of Buffer is its ability to let you connect multiple accounts to one dashboard; schedule posts; create drip campaigns; and analyze the success of your posts. Buffer’s free plan is perfect for new businesses looking to grow their social presence, but to unleash the full power of the software, you might want to consider one of their upgraded plans.

13. Hootsuite

Like Buffer, Hootsuite is another tool for scheduling your social media activities. It helps you keep track and manage your many social network channels. It can enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly. You can view streams from multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and post updates or reply directly.  It saves a lot of time and some people also consider it to be better than Buffer.

14. MailChimp

Email marketing is an important aspect of any business’s marketing strategy. With an email marketing tool such as MailChimp, you will be able to move your audience through your sales funnel more effectively with a higher level of control. MailChimp will allow you to:

  1. Build on your marketing strategy by connecting your email campaigns directly to your website
  2. Use your purchase data to send more personalized emails to further grow your business
  3. Integrate with Facebook to find new subscribers and reconnect with current ones
  4. Create a level of automation
  5. Gather feedback from MailChimp reports
15. Chattypeople

Chattypeople is the perfect tool for marketers who want to create a Messenger Chatbot. This platform lets entrepreneurs to create a bot that works flawlessly with Facebook and helps promoting your brand to customers on demand. With this tool, you can use Facebook Messenger to drive customers through sales funnel, gather data about customers and take orders directly via Facebook.


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