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We develop secure and reliable software solutions of any complexity for financial technology professionals

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Fully custom
fintech solutions

We are here to transform complex financial processes into safe and intuitive web applications. In our projects, we leverage customer experience and cutting-edge technology to create state-of-art fintech apps.

Data Security and Privacy

We work only with verified sources, APIs and libraries to prevent data loss or hijacking to deliver the highest quality fintech software.

We guarantee that our applications will pass all security audits conducted by audit companies.

Reliable Infrastructure

High-performance and stability are our top priorities.

We constantly optimize and refine our development processes to deliver the highest value to your business.

Smooth and Fast Integration

Employing microservice architecture allows us to break down software functionality into independent modules and easily deploy them one by one.

This approach enables us to create scalable web applications on a short timeline.

Blockchain web development

The blockchain solutions developed by our team meet all fintech industry-specific needs, provide security and transparency of transactions, increase efficiency and speed of your financial technology services, and reduce your business costs.

We offer blockchain consulting services and custom blockchain product development for financial technology startups. We don’t settle for cookie-cutters – only tailor-made personalized solutions.  

We have great expertise in developing both private and public blockchain applications of any scale and scope in banking, insurance and сryptocurrency.

Learn how your business can benefit from distributed ledger technology and let us make it easy for you by taking care of all development stages, including architecture design and solution implementation.

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Free consultancy with ezetech experts

Let us listen to your ideas and discuss how we can bring them to life. By the end of this session we will advise you on the exact technology and specialists you will need for your project.


expertise we offer
Digital financial, banking and insurance solutions
Online trading and exchange platforms
Cryptocurrency software: wallets, trading and exchange platforms, trading bots
Software utilizing private blockchain technology.
Personal finance application and investment tools
Money transaction platforms
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