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Remote HRD — Not a Recruiting agency

We work on your request exclusively and take care of all aspects during the hiring process. That is what distinguishes us from other IT staffing companies or employment agencies.


Market-Ready A-Players — Not Projects

Having a big pool of candidates we can easily help you hire proven developers with expertise in front-end, back-end and mobile development as well as top talents for non-technical positions.

Quality — Not Quantity

All candidates go through our filters before you get their resumes. When all tests and interviews are passed, you get the short list of potential candidates who fit your company most.

More than just hiring
  • We analyze the existing hiring process flow
  • We create the detailed map how your company could enhance and speed up the recruitment process
  • We teach you how to build the best candidate experience
our WAY to
Hiring process
01. Thoughtful Identification and Assessment

Before we start any search or interview process, we analyze every bit of information about your company and establish a foundation and blueprint for future employees based on your business needs.

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02. Candidate Search

Our search process involves taking one of three different approaches —  active, executive and networking recommendation — to not only expedite the search, but to narrow the focus and specific area of need.

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03. Pre-screen

We begin every search with a small, casual chat to ensure we’re matching resume prospects to real people in order to find a developer that best fits the open position.

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04. Technical and Customer Interview

Our technical leads will conduct technical interviews while outside experts within our networking space conduct interviews regarding any special or non-technical requirements. After we’ve screened and performed preliminary technical interviews, we prepare you for every individual candidate, briefing you on all information we’ve analyzed from their resumes, interviews, and outside references and recommendations.

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05. Decision

At the final stage, we will finalize language and conditions before submitting a pre-offer to the most suitable candidates. For chosen candidates, we prepare a comprehensive, detailed offer.

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06. First Step Forward

For new hires, it is important to understand how the company works, the culture and expectations, and how their work contributes to growth and prosperity of the overall business. During the first month, we support newcomers and guide them throughout each onboarding process without stress.

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