Jackie Stockinger


Jackie Stockinger is a former culinary school grad and cook who ended up leaving the apron behind for a life in marketing and media. She's been part of a team working toward developing technology to help brands—big and small—with their ongoing quest for more data to build better newsletter lists.


Ezetech: What is Sweepsmaker?
Jackie Stockinger :

Sweepsmaker is a platform that allows brands to create and execute sweepstakes with other partners.

Ezetech: How did you come up with the idea for Sweepsmaker?
Jackie Stockinger :

After getting a lot of feedback from companies that ran sweepstakes I discovered there was a need for a better product and believed my company could build it. We came up with the idea for Sweepsmaker after recognizing that existing sweepstakes platforms lack accountability, transparency, and control for brands that are seeking to execute giveaways as a core portion of their business.

Ezetech: What problem is it aiming to solve?
Jackie Stockinger :

Currently, existing sweepstakes platforms have some pretty major issues. For one, they’re typically very expensive. We wanted to create a platform for brands to share their data with other brands without having to pay hundreds of dollars a month, as well as a tool that gives control, accountability, and transparency to brands. So we built a set of tools and an algorithm that removes existing headaches.

Ultimately, we're aiming to build a platform for brands to work together to create unique experiences for their readers through sweepstakes and in turn grow their business.

Ezetech: What stage is the project in currently?
Jackie Stockinger :

Sweepsmaker is in Beta. We’re currently spreading the word about Sweepsmaker to brands and asking them to check it out and give us feedback. We’re fine-tuning a lot of the features while coming up with other bells and whistles to implement.

Ezetech: Do you have any feedback from early or potential clients? What do they say?
Jackie Stockinger :

So far, the feedback from current users has been extremely positive. The platform solved some crucial issues that plague existing sweepstakes platforms. Brands are pleased with its core features, as well as how easy it is to use.

Ezetech: What challenges did you face during the R&D stage?
Jackie Stockinger :

We had a few challenges during the initial research and development stage. First and foremost we had to figure out a way to ensure that our core features would actually work with multiple partners for a given sweepstakes. We brainstormed with Ezetech and came up with an algorithm that goes above and beyond our initial ideation.

We also struggled with timelines and a realistic plan. I don’t have a tech background, and the lead developer on the project—Oleksii of Ezetech—didn’t have a sweepstakes/giveaway background; so we started with ideas for tools and functions that we wanted Sweepsmaker to have, and collectively we came up with a way to implement them with Oleksii. He approached any challenges and obstacles that we threw at him as if it was a game. Each time it was a puzzle to determine a solution that both worked and fit our needs.

Ezetech: What are Sweepsmaker's future plans?
Jackie Stockinger :

Right now we’re still fine tuning a lot of the features, as well as considering lots of additional ideas for future implementation. We want to make Sweepsmaker a platform where anything sweepstakes-related can be created and customized within the platform itself. We basically want Sweepsmaker to be the best free sweepstakes platform for brands seeking to grow their newsletter lists.

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