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An analytics platform providing market insights through dashboards, graphs and other data visualization tools, developing custom solutions from scratch assuming all the roles and responsibilities of a trustworthy tech partner

about the client

Koyfin is a New York based FinTech startup offering web-based analytics and visualization platform for investors to track and research investment ideas. The platform focuses on time series analysis, statistics, screening, news/social media and custom indices, and portfolios. The assets they track are stocks, indices, fixed income, foreign exchange (fx), commodities and economic indicators.

Project Name
Project Duration

1 year and 2 months

how we got the client
web development koyfin
what was developed

Within two years the Ezetech team brought to life a sophisticated product offering highly-customized functionality for professional investors. Here is a list of the major features we’ve developed for Koyfin: Historical stock prices for over 12k companies, Forex data, Economic calendar, Interactive and configurable stock price charts, Slack and Symphony integration, Command line similar to the Bloomberg terminal, Real-time Intraday stock price chart, Fundamental data charts, Correlation graphs, Financial estimates data, Newsfeed and SEC Filings, Portfolio monitoring, Market Scatter.

During the development process the Ezetech team gained a deep understanding of financial market theory and obtained an even higher level of proficiency in development tools available for collecting and processing market data.

The partnership with Koyfin inspired Ezetech to go above and beyond, expanding their horizons and taking the company expertise to the next level.

P.S. At the time of writing, Koyfin is in the user acquisition stage and is available for free with full functionality available.

Rob Koyfman
Being a smaller company than other development firms, Ezetech provides a more personal approach to their projects that their clients appreciate. As the platform continues to grow, Ezetech was able to develop a quality product that can effectively scale in response to the increase in users
Founder, Koyfin
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