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An eCommerce web solution for selling custom promotional products

about the client is a New York-based eCommerce startup launched in 2016 that provides custom-designed promotional products for brands: stationery, glassware, devices, accessories, clothing, and others.

The first client of was Facebook. An order worth a little over $1000 pushed the brand forward with a “blue-chip company” name. In a two-year period, has become a B2B company with over $4 million in sales. Now, the company is working with thousands of world-famous brands including Facebook, Google, WeWork, Amazon, Harry’s, Starbucks, Netflix, and many others. is essentially an online salesperson offering a wide selection of products, and processing millions of orders at any moment. What puts them at the top of the market is a multi-functional and, at the same time, easy-to-use web application developed by Ezetech and, of course, the high quality of their products, and fast delivery. An automated streamlined order system moves away from the old school process of ordering by phone and makes it easier to create customized mockups.

To make a perfect selling machine and bring their ambitious ideas to life, our experts have added multiple complex functions such as a logo color detection, multiple logo placements, custom price calculation based on the number of colors on the logo, associated products suggestion, discount system, and many others.

This e-commerce case study website showcases the challenges we faced and the solutions we offered.

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Project Duration

2 years

how we got the client
web development
what was developed

This eCommerce case study was a project with more questions left unanswered than answered. We shifted the direction of the web development process and brought this project to the next level. Currently, we define it as a fully customized platform for fully customized swag, with every single feature built for users, and for the team, who works hard to deliver top quality products to their clients.

In the near future, we plan to roll out multiple UX improvements to offer users an even more seamless experience throughout the eCommerce pathway. In our backlog, we have new exciting pages to develop that will allow filtering products by brands and topics. Our team is also working on operations by actively extending functionality for order and submissions processing, better sales and customer service.

Our biggest project running right now is the enterprise custom store platform, which will allow large companies to obtain bulk promotional merchandise orders from, and have their own eCommerce store with a management backend panel and public pages, which would allow the selling of swag to their employees in multiple offices around the world.

Jeremy Parker
Ezetech’s work has helped contribute to over $800,000 of sales in the first year of launching the site. Their passionate developers have demonstrated their excitement for growth and success as though they were part of the team. They worked fast and delivered the product very economically
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