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Technology analysis

Our tech team checks the current software solutions and ways your team can use them. A simple technology audit helps identify problems in workflows/automation and allows us to find possible ways to fix them.


Technology strategy development

The technical consultant develops a detailed strategy with a roadmap of how you can improve your software and what resources you’ll need to implement new solutions.


Technology partnership

True partnership allows us to get even closer with your business and simplify software transformations. We focus on your business goal structuring all development processes around it to make sure that you each it.


We analyze all resources you have and how your team works to help you optimize your company’s work and adapting it to the new IT strategy


We conduct thorough tests to find any errors in your tech base and determine the future of your software, whether that’s fixing or rebuilding


When choosing technologies, we look not only at the opportunities that they provide on their own, but in what industry they are best suited


This is an option for larger projects where it might be necessary to ideate and implement innovative solutions for particular company projects


Depending on your project size and development stage, we craft a comprehensive tech strategy that will help you improve your software and help you reach subsequent business goals


As a Technical Partner we provide technology strategy consulting throughout the development process and beyond

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More than just CTO Consulting

  • Technical review and business gaps analysis
  • Web application architecture
  • Selection of technologies and set of resources that are needed for implementation
  • Plan for technical implementation process and scaling roadmap
  • Staff set and project management requirement
  • Further development according to the technology strategy
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